Rooms to celebrate your events

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Why is Find Your Place just brilliant?


Exactly what you searched for!

Celebration room or a restaurant for rent. The right equipment on the right place at the right date!
Use more than 50 selection criteria to find the venue that meets for 100% your requirements.


Gain time!

More exactly 17 days, 9 hours and 36 minutes**
All the info you need to quickly find the find the venue of your next event: all on one website!
**We might exaggerate a little bit, but really, before Find Your Place it was a devil of a job to find the right celebration room!


Simple, direct and free of charge!

Visit the room? Confirm date and budget? Book? Fulfill your wishes?
Contact the owners of the rooms directly without intermediary by e-mail and telephone.
And really: it is free of charge!

How does it work?

Become the king our queen of organisation

Discover the new rooms, restaurants and bars in preview.
Leave us your email address: we give you our best plans!


Register my establishment

Why register my establishment on Find Your Place?

Qualified request
Your establishment is presented in its best light thanks to professional photos and a complete description.
Targeted clientele
You get in touch with the desired clientele on the dates that suit you.
No commission
No commission, you subscribe to a subscription adapted to your profile.

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