Find and rent a venue for a wedding or a seminar – our history

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So that organising a party turns into a party!

Have you already spent hours looking for the right venue for your event? You spent even more time gathering all the information, comparing all the prices and options?

You finally opted for a room you already knew?

And what if you lost 10 times less time?

That’s exactly the goal of Find Your Place:

And your venue is booked!

About me…Ingrid!

I'm not married!

I never found the right place... and in despair, I gave up!

Noooo, I’m just kidding!

Actually, I listened very well to my friends and family who spent hours and hours in looking for the right place to organise their wedding or birthday. And I realised that I had to create Find Your Place…

It’s some kind of a call if you want!

My name is Ingrid. Mother of two children and a happy entrepreneur. I want to make the search for a room, whatever the reasons, E-A-S-Y! And fast too, and efficient!

Why Find Your Place?

I found looking for a venue to organise an event was really a disaster. On the internet, the proposed solutions didn't suit me at all.

In my previous job, we wasted a lot of time looking for a place to organise our professional events. Eventually... we stayed at the same place every year: we didn't have time to waste.

I’ve been in contact with the catering sector for many years. I have worked for reception halls, bars, restaurants. I love this epicurean universe, in love with beauty.
For many professionals, it is hard to get known! They are desperate to discover that their acquaintances are celebrating elsewhere when there is a nice venue at 10 minutes from their home!

So I decided to combine my two passions: digital marketing and catering, to create a solution for everyone: Find Your Place!

You are owner of a venue.

Join Find Your Place.

Do you organise an event?

Search for the ideal venue with our super-powerful search engine!

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